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Some things may have changed

Because of the COVID-19 crisis, traffic levels have been low.
Many employees have been dealing with reduced activity for a long time.
Some types of aircraft have been on the ground since the beginning of the crisis and will be flying again for the first time in the coming period. Crew flying on these aircraft have not been to Schiphol airport for a long time.

The opportunity of reduced activity has been used to maintain and improve the infrastructure as well. Of course, changes are communicated in the usual way, but now there may be some more changes than normal.

Returning to work after a holiday period, illness or maternity leave is of course nothing new. However, coming back after a period of absence in the current circumstances is different to that.
Now it is not only about yourself, but also about the people around you and the environment you work in. That’s why teamwork is more important than ever.

Let’s do this together, together we ensure a safe recovery